Dr. Jared Van Sloten, Msc.D., Ph.D., CH.t

Jared began his quest for metaphysical knowledge in the 80s, while working as a manufacturing engineer at Hughes Aircraft. During that time he participated with psychic groups and gatherings, studied BioGeometrical Energy Systems with Dr. Ibrahim Karim, and earned his CH.t., from American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). He studied Metaphysical Science at the University of Metaphysics obtaining Masters and Doctoral degrees in Metaphysical Science, Msc.D. His dissertation was, “Metaphysical Diagnosis through Radiesthesia.” Radiesthesia is the proper name for divining or dowsing for health problems using a pendulum. While at the University, he earned a Metaphysical Counseling certificate and became an Ordained Metaphysical Minister.

Jared attended classes with the ABH, and began practicing hypnotherapy. He studied Past-Lives Regression Therapy with Henry Bolduc, Dick Sutphen and Shelly Stockwell-Nicholas. He has practiced Past-Lives Therapy for the last sixteen years. While perfecting the art of regression therapy, he learned of the work of Dr. Edith Fiore, Ph.D. and Dr. William Baldwin, DDS, Ph.D., and their research in discarnate spirit possession and releasement. Jared, wanting to add spirit releasement to his regression therapy, was faced with the only two known methods of releasement, other than the Roman Rite, Exorcism. These were the Intuitive Method, using a psychic intermediary, or the Interactive Method, which has a psychologist or trained analyst talk the earthbound entity out of the client and into the Light. Not prepared for either of these methods Jared began experimenting with his pendulum. Through more research, he came upon Aloa Starr’s book, Prisoners of Earth (1993), where she used a pendulum to divine information about clients’ attached, earthbound entities. To release the earthbound, she used a psychic intermediary group to send the entity into the Light.

Upon this discovery, Jared asked his pendulum if it could be the intermediary needed to send Discarnate Entities (DEs) into the Light. To his utter amazement, the pendulum answered, “Yes!” With more research, it did not take long for him to develop a complete program of remote spirit releasement, using the pendulum, to send an individual earthbound or groups of earthbounds into the Light. He calls this third spirit releasement method he developed the Intermediary Method of Spirit Release. The pendulum is the Intermediary. He asks, through the pendulum, with a client photograph or signature, at hand, if the client has DEs. If so, he asks for a band of Angels to visit the client and take discarnate entities into the Light. The premise for asking for the Angels to take the entities into The Light, is, “Ask, and it shall be given. For everyone that asketh receiveth.” Matt 7:7-8

With the development of the Intermediary Method of Spirit Release, Jared enrolled at the University of Sedona, in its Ph.D., program. His dissertation premise was accepted, entitled, “Remote Depossession of Discarnate Entities with the use of the Pendulum.” Jared was awarded his Ph.D. in June of 2008.

Since earning his Ph.D., Jared has written and revised his Spirit Release Workshop workbook quarterly. (See Workshops.) He has written and self-published an e-book, The Intermediary Method of Spirit Release, An Introduction. In July of 2015, Jared published the complete guide for The Intermediary Method of Spirit Release entitled, Ask The Angels.  More recently, in 2018, Jared published his third book, entitled, The Path to Spirituality.  This small red book tells the reader that, “The path to spirituality is composed mostly of self-thought that begins with a silent very personal internal conversation called self-talk.  We as humans think in our minds, with words.  We have conversations with ourselves that we call self-talk.  The internal conversations you have in positive self-talk puts you on the path and keeps you there.”  (The Path to Spirituality, page 11)

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